About Us

Our Commitment

Arc Mechanical is a company built with a strong foundation of individuals who have continually learned, grown, and evolved professionally in order to meet the needs of our clients. Throughout the years, we have worked with our clients to help them accomplish their vision, their changes, and their improvements. Arc Mechanical is determined to continue to provide dedicated and committed services while employing industry best practices. Our company strives to follow through with our promise of top notch cost & productivity efficiency, as well as the best focused service possible aimed to result in timely project completions that are on budget and executed to the highest level of quality. Our services enable our clients to maintain & attain a reliable structure in order to achieve continued success. .

Charles Swanson owner of Arc Mechanical, has over 20 years of welding industry experience. Aside from possessing superior skills and extensive experience in the welding industry, it is Charles’ humble vision for leadership and excellence that has led to the continued growth and evolution of the company. Mr. Swanson ensures that priorities remain centered on building effective relationships with not only Arc Mechanical’s clients, but just as importantly, Arc’s team members..