Power Plants

“Power Plants are intriguing in terms of how they are built and the power they produce. As with process piping, I learned a great deal of things from the fabrication of steam piping, natural gas piping, ammonia piping, and structural steel. I engaged in a lot of combo welding processes on carbon, chrome, and stainless applications. The experience I gained while working with big name contractors like Nepco, Overland Contracting, Black and Vetch , Foster Wheeler, and S&B in various locations and states, just to name a few, has provided a foundation to build on. From these great contractors I learned to do just
about anything big and small. ”
Charles Swanson OWNER

Today, ARC Mechanical uses this base of experience on every job, as it is required that all team members are highly qualified and possess the skills needed to meet the needs of any Power Plant facility. Arc Mechanical has evolved around power house construction in order to be competitive with all trade services out there today. We’re a goal oriented company with a high regard to safety and we’ll quickly adapt to any adverse situation to achieve a job well done, and according to your budget.